Bourbon Vanilla Lanolin Lip & Body Balm

Bourbon Vanilla Lanolin Lip & Body Balm

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We’ve been on a mission to create the best lip balm ever and we might’ve done just that. Not only that, but we’ve swapped those traditional plastic tubes out for a eco-friendly paper tube that is twice the size! This is a large tube that will last a LONG time. It can also be used for dry & cracked hands & elbows. 

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had peeling dry lips. Nothing helped them, lipstick made them worse. No amount of lip balms, medicated or regular made the situation any better, everything felt like a temporary fix. After searching a long while on the internet, I found a condition called exfoliative chelitis. I believe I have/had a mild form of this. My lips would constantly have peeling cycles where every few days I’d be able to essential peel most of the skin on my bottom lip off. Sometimes it would bleed or be raw and painful. Once I had my second son, I decided to put lanolin meant for nursing on my lips. I figured a product made for a sensitive area that a newborn fed from meant it had to be a safe option. From that moment on, I figured out that lanolin was hands down the best product for my lips and have been using it since. My cracking and peeling is 99% better. I wanted to share this with the world so I’ve come up with lip balm containing a large percentage of lanolin sourced from the best supplier I could find in an easy and convenient tube combined with other butters and beeswax for the ultimate lip conditioner”. - Jen, owner and product creator of The Ash House. (Personal experience, you may not have the same results). 

Although we can’t claim this product can heal anything, we definitely think it’s pretty awesome. The lanolin used comes from a  small farm in the US where the sheep are organically pasture-raised without pesticides and the lanolin is cleaned in the most natural way. Our lip balm comes in a 100% biodegradable and compostable paper tube with a push up disc at the bottom. You may have to hold your pinkie in the bottom while applying. Like any lip balm, this can melt in high heat so don’t leave in your car or anywhere where temps can rise. 

*lanolin like most other natural ingredients has the potential to be an allergen, especially if you’re allergic to wool. Test a small patch of skin before use and make sure to stop using if there is any irritation. 


Organic pasture-raised lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter, mango butter, olive oil, avocado oil, bourbon vanilla oil. 
*bourbon is the type of vanilla (Madagascar) This product does not smell like bourbon or contain any alcohol. 

.3 oz 


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