Wild Carrot & Tallow Handcrafted Local Ohio Soap

Wild Carrot & Tallow Handcrafted Local Ohio Soap

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Queen Anne's Lace is also known as Wild Carrot and grows wildly all over.  I infused wild carrot seeds into the olive oil to create this nourishing soap.  Scented with a blend of petitgrain, lavender, & geranium, topped with dried Queen Anne's Lace flowers, and given a dot of naturally colored purple just like the flower itself, these herbal bars are a limited release with only a handful available.

Made with locally sourced pasture-raised tallow, these bars are incredibly rich and nutrient dense. Tallow is a traditional soap making ingredient that dates back thousands of years. High in vitamins A, D, E, & K, it’s a wonderful addition to your skincare regime. Often times fat is tossed as a byproduct of the meat industry as many people have stopped using this amazing ingredient in daily life. We are here to help save it, one bar of soap at a time! 

Handcrafted small batch soap made using traditional cold process method. All natural ingredients, no artificial fragrances or colorants. Made palm-free!

4-5oz per bar 


Pasture raised tallow, water, wild carrot seed infused olive oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, petitgrain, lavender, & geranium essential oil, madder root.

*lye does not remain in final product. 

External use only, avoid contact with eyes. 
Although essential oils are plant derived, they can be allergenic. If you are unsure, test a small area of skin before using. 

To get the most life out of bar soap, make sure they are elevate and not allowed to sit in or under water. Our cedar wood soap dishes can help reduce this problem that other soap dishes can cause!

*any above statements about the medicinal use of ingredients is not an FDA statement. Our soaps will not cure or prevent any disease.